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Normally I don't write sequels but as you have discovered, Stranger World is such a massive place filled with endless possibilities. There was so much of this world to explore, characters to meet, and adventures to embark upon. When I attempted to integrate the scenes I’d written, I realized it was a 1000 page epic. When beta readers read the first draft, they immediately demanded I drop all other projects and finish the story. I had no choice in the matter, there were so many ideas for Stranger World. I hope you will join me on this expedition to a place where quite literally anything is possible. For those of you that do, Welcome Aboard! I'm not sure how far this journey will take us, or even how long we'll last, but if you've got the salt, we'll take this journey together.

For years I worked at theme parks all over the world and often wondered what if all of these fantastical lands and everything in them were real? What if the characters weren't costumed characters but living, breathing, and evolving things? Worse still, what if they became our overlords? A rough outline based on this premise sat in my night table drawer for nearly twenty-five years.

Then one day my nine-year-old daughter was sick with the flu and was bedridden for a week. To pass the time, I picked up the outline where I had left off and wrote her a chapter a day. Each night I read her what I had written. This went on for several days and before long we were both so invested in the characters that they demanded we finish the story. And Stranger World was born.

A warm, heart-felt thank you to the many fans who love the series so much that it inspires them to craft fan fiction, dress up as the characters, and contribute genius fan artwork. You are appreciated.

Cheeves the Butler who may or may not eat cats (he doesn’t). He’s cute, he’s cuddly, he’ll rip off your head if you threaten those he cares about, but he means well.

The Lamppost Man, aka Lampy, part machine, part A.I, all madness.

The Leftenant, 2nd in command of Her Majesty’s Air Ship The Dauntless. She is the most superior A.I. hologram ever developed, in her opinion.

Sergeant Harper is another cosplayer favorite, a scrappy human who helps George take on Corporate with her not so white rabbit Bucky.


The Wooly Mammoth Train

Zombie Pirate King

Lt. Colonel George Stapleton and his daughter “Mad” Maddie are at the heart of the tale.

Leftenant Script 2.mp4
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Outback Jack

The Rook



King Ludwig

Sgt. Harper & Bucky

Holo & Leftenant