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In a dystopian future where people choose to live in full immersion theme parks, the creations they’ve made revolt. Lt. Colonel George Stapleton is shot down in Afghanistan and wakes in a theme park at war. Desperate to reunite with his wife and daughter, he allies with a mixture of clones, humans, regenerated humans, A.I. holograms, and robots to overthrow their evil Corporate overlords and a devious creation named Lamppost Man.

A thrilling mix of West World meets Alice in Wonderland, Stranger World takes you on a nonstop adventure with characters you will never forget. It’s a series the entire family can enjoy.

Jack Castle has been labeled the “Man of Adventures.”  He has worked at theme parks developing adventures, traveled the globe as a professional stuntman, worked as a police officer, Criminal Justice professor, and Response Team Commander in Alaska.  His suspense thrillers incorporate elements of science fiction, fantasy, and horror and have been ranked in the Top 100 Best Selling books on Amazon. Meet Jack.


A prequel to the first Stranger World. Creationeer Lisa Burton develops the A.I. Leftenant and soon realizes Stranger World’s creations are taking on lives of their own.

"I am so fired."

Book One

Lt. Colonel George Stapleton wakes up in Stranger World and searches for his daughter Maddie with the assistance of clones, robots, an A.I. hologram named "The Leftenant" and a friendly gargoyle butler who may or may not eat cats.

Book Two

Lt. Colonel George Stapleton awakens on a commercial airliner with new arrivals to Stranger World and leads them through parks with river-nymphs, zombie pirates, and a Tibetan train atop giant woolly mammoths in search of the hologram Leftenant and The Dauntless.

Book Three

Lt. Colonel George Stapleton’s search for Maddie is complicated by a submarine adventure, underwater leviathans, mischievous mermaids, and the diabolical Lamppost man.

Book Four

Corporate has won. Heroes have been lost. HMAS the Dauntless, lies scattered in pieces across a desert. Lt. Colonel George Stapleton has been repurposed into a living painting and his kidnapped daughter is the Lamppost Man’s unwilling heir.

Book Five

Lt. Colonel George Stapleton awakens at home in Florida after a four-year slumber. His wife, daughter, and new neighbors (who all seem familiar) try to convince him that the fantastical, upside-down world that is known as Stranger World was a coma-induced dream.

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Commander Mac O’Bryant and her team explore a pyramid on Jupiter’s icy moon Europa, and uncover ancient secrets that prefer to remain buried.

Anthropologist Kate Foster accepts a job at an isolated Arctic research facility only to find someone, or something, picking off her team.

Sheriff Hank  McCarthy moves to Havenport, Alaska looking for a quiet life but finds you can check in but never leave.

Becca Chaffee travels to the Badlands of South Dakota to “check out,” but finds there are worse things than being dead.


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Welcome aboard.

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Jack Castle has been teaching literary workshops at colleges nationwide and helping students get published for years. See his current class schedule here.

This book is everything I would tell my best friend about writing a book and getting published.”

Using his own exciting personal journey of getting published, he will guide you through his step-by-step process of writing, editing, formatting, and preparing your novel for agents and publishers, and how to contact them.

This was exactly what I needed to get myself started and write my first book!

-Darrin Geisinger Author, Zero-Gs Series

"Jack's publishing industry prowess helped me finally overcome every writer's greatest roadblock: getting started. I highly recommend Jack Castle's methods for writing your dream book and getting published! “

Emily Hudson, Owner, Write & Shine, LLC, www.writenshine.com

This special collection edition contains Stranger World, Stranger Realm, Stranger Tides, Stranger Desert, and Stranger Dream. The lines of imagination and reality have never been so blurred as in this amazing, yet sinister world of theme parks so creatively envisioned by Jack Castle

Welcome to Stranger World. In the future, people wanted more than just AI, they wanted to live their fantasies full time. Fast forward and the world has been taken over by full-immersion theme parks, but the attractions now run the show and humans are the entertainment.

Amidst the chaos, a combat helicopter pilot shot down in 2012, awakens in a place where homicidal monarchs reign, ravenous monsters roam, and the tea parties are enough to drive a Hatter Mad. But Colonel George Stapleton doesn't care about any of those things. His only goal is to find his kidnapped daughter. He is soon joined by other humans from the past and an 18th century British officer named "The Leftenant", who appears only in the form of a no-nonsense hologram, and seems desperate to reclaim her lost airship HMAS Dauntless.

Then of course, there's the enigmatic, mischievous imp known as, The Lamppost Man, who, despite his nasty habit of getting everyone into trouble, just may be the key to everything.

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