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Stranger World

"The lines of imagination and reality never have been so blurred as they are in the amazing yet sinister theme park so creatively envisioned by Jack Castle!”

                     -Joe Butler, Editor for the Spokesman Review       

Stranger Realm

A commercial airliner is marooned in an endless ocean of giant sunflowers with twisted human faces. The passengers awaken with no memory of how they got there and soon discover they are all from different time periods. 

In a desperate race against time, a pilot must lead the passengers on a perilous journey across a bizarre and wondrous landscape filled with mischievous river-nymphs, zombie pirates, and a Tibetan train strewn across the top of gigantic woolly mammoths.

Their only hope; -find an ancient airship that may be humanity’s only salvation.

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Book #3 releases Summer of 2018!!!