Books by Jack Castle

Bedlam Lost



Spokesman Press calls it, "...believable yet downright chilling, that rival Stephen King at his best!" 

White Death


Ranked TOP 100 by Amazon!!!

"Another Winner from Jack Castle!”

                             -Spokesman Review

Anthropologist Kate Foster accepts a job at an isolated research facility surrounded by a vast ocean of crushing Pack Ice. 

Her scientific expedition soon becomes a mission of survival when she is joined by Detective  James Decker with the Alaska Bureau of Investigations. 

Kate and Decker’s  team of criminologists race against time to solve the gruesome homicides of her colleagues while someone, or something, is hunting them. 

Europa Journal


  • "Definitely worth the read for classic sci-fi fans!"
                         -Coeur D'Alene Press

On 5 December 1945, five TBM Avenger bombers mysteriously vanish without a  trace off the coast of Florida, in the Bermuda Triangle.

In 2168 AD: On the ocean floor of Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa, Astronauts discover the corpse of a missing World War II pilot; his hands clutch a journal detailing what happened to him and how he and his crew were taken to a place, "...with no recognizable stars."

As the walls  begin to collapse, the astronauts discover their names written within the pages of the journal.