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Best Selling Author

How to Self-Publish Your Book by best-selling author Jack Castle

This workshop series is designed for anyone interested in self-publishing their novel, regardless of where they are in the writing process. Jack Castle, one of Amazon’s best-selling authors, will guide you through the process of preparing your novel as an e-book and in print for Amazon and marketing it online. In addition to being a best-selling novelist with a traditional publishing house, seven of his self-published books have been consistently ranked on Amazon’s Top 100 Best-Selling books.

 Number One best-selling author to teach how to get published | Clermont News Leader | midfloridanewspapers.com

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What writers say about Jack Castle's workshops

“Jack Castle has a knack for igniting the flame of inspiration in aspiring authors. I had been sitting on a book idea for years... until I met Jack. His encouragement, constructive feedback, and publishing industry prowess helped me finally overcome every writer's greatest roadblock: getting started. I highly recommend Jack Castle's methods for writing your dream book and getting published!  -Emily Hudson, Owner, Write & Shine, LLC, www.writenshine.com

“I will forever be grateful to Jack Castle for helping me write my book. I really didn’t know where to start, but he helped me to get my thoughts and words on paper and learn the sequence of how a book is set up and understand the publishing process. I learned so much!”  -Stacey Bishop, Author, Funky-Junky Containers

“This was exactly what I needed to get myself started on actually doing the work and write my first book!  I walked into his class mystified, nervous, and unsure. I walked out with knowledge, confidence, and my hands were soon holding a printed book of my own creation. Jack even inspired me to start doing cover designs for other authors, and he even came up with the name for my graphic design company: King's Custom Covers. Get to a Jack Castle class and get published. -Darrin Geisinger, Author, Zero-Gs (series), Owner, Kingscustomcovers.com

“The world of publishing seemed mysterious and overwhelming to me, but the information and knowledge I gained from Jack Castle's course at North Idaho College, was absolutely critical in my journey to becoming a published author. The guidance he provided on everything from query letters to book proposals, resolved all of my uncertainty and anxiety… in a word, the class was excellent! I am happy to say, I’ve just competed my fifth book! Thanks, Jack!”
-Christell A. Chapin, Author, “Let’s Pretend We’re Unicorns”

“Without Jack’s larger than life personality and courses that were fun as well as they are practical, I think my mystery thriller, “Ducks in a Row” would probably still be an idea in my head rather than a book available on Amazon.”
-Joshua Cohen, Author of “Ducks in a Row”

"Jack Castle was fun, engaging, and full of practical advice on how to get published. He went step-by-step and made it easy to understand. I was able to apply what I learned in his classes, and today I am proud to be a published author. Thank you, Jack, for showing me the way!" -Sara McCoy, "30 Days of Honesty: A Devotional for Women"

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop or event, please contact him at jackcastlebooks@aol.com.


Part I: Writing Your Book

Chapter 1: Why Do You Want to be a Published Author?

Chapter 2: What Do You Want to Write About?

Chapter 3: How to Write a Book That Sells!

Chapter 4: Writing a Book 101

Part II: Selling Your Book

Chapter 5: The Query Letter

Chapter 6: The Book Proposal

Part III: Publishing & Self-Publishing

Part IV: Marketing & What comes next

Jack Castle on Writing

Register Now Jack Castle (Meet the Author) “How to (Really) Get Published: True Story”
10/22/2022 11:00 AM  Freedom Public Library 5870 SW 95th St. 
Ocala, Florida 34476